Are Online Courses The Key to Education?

Instead of truly educating people, we’ve used our school system to push out mindless drones. That is not to say that the average person today doesn’t know many things that some of the smartest 500 years ago didn’t. Rather, we no longer make people earn knowledge. While that’s the case for traditional schooling, there are outlets offering true education. Children and young adults are looking to online courses, job trainings, and other alternative modes of education to make an impact.

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"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."


Where Education Goes Wrong

Knowledge used to be something that was discovered for oneself, rather than spoon-fed by educators. Sure, you may memorize your multiplication tables or dates of historic events. But, much of the knowledge you came to was due to exploration and real learning. This means that you didn't simply know facts, but had a worldview and an epistemology to work with to know what is true.

If we want to truly educate our children, we must find a way to fix this broken system or build a new one. Personally, I think building new would be far more effective. The education system is entrenched and pushing back against reform. The administrations, lawmakers, and teachers unions are not seeking to improve education, but to help teachers get as much as they can from the school system for as little as possible.

Teachers unions are holding the “education” of our country’s children as a hostage, and leveraging that against the taxpayer. And the thing is, they really don’t have any leverage. They aren’t actually providing an education. Rather, they’re instilling a prideful ignorance in our children, and sending them off to be drones of the state.

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Alternative Solutions: Online Courses & More

It has been nearly one year of “15 days to slow the spread,” and it seems like school is permanently, radically altered. And many people are seeing the weakness in our education system. Because COVID made schools worse, these options became much more tenable, and people seem to be happier than they were with “normal schooling” before COVID. Kids are failing more, ADHD diagnoses are up, and the teachers are making impossible demands. This has forced people to look elsewhere.

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How I Continued My Education

How do we move forward? What can we do now, in our own lives, to improve our education? Despite the bleak diagnosis, I see two easy changes each of us can make in our mindset and our actions to improve our education.

  1. Use school for training
  2. Seek your own liberal education

School has become necessary only inasmuch as it is a credential for a career. But, that is changing rapidly with new ways to get job training like coding bootcamps or other digital tool certification. If you need to go to college, do that. However, if it can be avoided, you should avoid it.

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Benefits of Online Courses

Furthermore, you should still get the liberal education that puts you in touch with our history. We shouldn’t shrug our responsibility to pass down the wisdom, art, and beauty of our culture. It just can’t be found on the college campus. Each of us has to go and read the classics, learn about our history, and find alternatives to the college campus.

Online Courses allow you to find the things you're passionate about and dive in. That's what I did in order to continue my education. By exploring ideas with podcasts and YouTube, I found new topics, books, and authors to look into. Then, I could go and read more online or in an actual book. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, we can get a real education.

That’s what I’m providing here. I’m launching the first installment of my new course on the Nichomachean Ethics, which will be a greater part of my course on the Golden Mean. This is just a teaser of what’s to come.

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212. Antitrust and Big Tech | Why Conservatives Should Tread Carefully - Conversation of Our Generation

I had the chance to sit down and speak with Ashley Baker, an expert in antitrust. We discussed antitrust and big tech, and how conservatives should fight back against tech. Ashley is the Policy Director for the Committee for Justice, Expert at the Regulatory Transparency Project, and works with the Alliance on Antitrust. So, she knows what she's talking about, and it shows. Dive into the conversation below to learn more about these issues and what Ashley recommends. What is Antitrust? Antitrust is basically a set of legal principles, laws, and precedents that inform us on how to handle anti-competition behaviors of companies. Big businesses may work with other organizations to undermine competition in the economic landscape, which is what antitrust seeks to prevent. Since businesses are built to beat their competition, they can hinder their competition's ability to succeed. However, they cannot work to destroy competition itself. And, that is where antitrust comes into play. There are many examples of antitrust violations we can point to, but the basics of antitrust is that we want to promote a competitive environment. Antitrust Laws and How They Relate to Big Tech You may be familiar with antitrust laws like the Federal Trade Commission Act, which gave us the FTC, or the Sherman Act. But, antitrust law is much more than a couple acts passed by Congress. In fact, much of what governs antitrust policy is precedent, and that's where conservatives have to be careful. If we are to regulate big tech companies through antitrust policy, we need to beware of how it'll effect other aspects of law. That's why I am so grateful to Ashley for coming on to discuss the antitrust efforts and big tech. She shows how antitrust cases inform our laws, and how we might apply that to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. Antitrust and Big Tech We must do something about big tech need, but what? First we must understand a few things. Are big tech companies monopolies? Does big tech violate antitrust law in the United States? What can we do to regulate big tech? We'll find the answers to each of these questions in the particulars. There's no simple answer. Rather, the devil is in the details. How Conservatives Should Fight Back Against Big Tech Our politics leans towards slogans and partisanship, rather than real solutions. The answer to this problem won't fit neatly in a 10-point plan or some ideology. Instead, we have to grapple with the principles at play and the particulars of the situation. Through prudence, we can find a solution. Check out this episode: Antitrust and Big Tech | Why Conservatives Should Tread Carefully Subscribe to the Conversation of Our Generationersation of Our Generation Podcast here Check out the YouTube video here --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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