QUOTE: Calvin Coolidge

Today everyone wants to be recognized for simply existing. I think participation trophies might be partly to blame, but with social media and modern entertainment allowing people who have little skill to become bulwarks of our culture, there is a whole class of people who have become wealthy and influential for simply existing. The reality... Continue Reading →

QUOTE: Aesop

This doesn't take much explaining, but I want to give my thoughts on this. It is imperative for people to destroy the seed of evil in themselves before they try to do so in the world or in others. How different would the 20th Century have been if individuals destroyed the seed of evil that... Continue Reading →

School Gets An F In My Class

Education has been constrained over the last few decades to simply mean school. It’s a series of levels that need to be reached until all the basic requirements have been reached, just like a video game. The current educational system isn’t only not useful, but counterproductive. I intend to show you the flaws in the... Continue Reading →

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