The following links are just a catalog of sources for news, ideas and conversation starters. Having them here does not endorse what they say, nor does it mean I agree with all or any of what they say. Some of these sites I use, others I may not. Feel free to search them and grow your understanding of the world around you to help you in joining the Conversation of Our generation.  
  1. The Daily Wire- News Source
  2. Jason Stapleton Program-Libertarian News and Commentary Source
  3. The Survival Podcast-Source for Permaculture, Survivalism and Liberty Insights
  4. Newsography-Catalog of Current Events Mapped By Country
  5. Mises Institute-Economics Resource
  6. Drudge Report-News Source
  7. Vin Armani Show-Voluntaryist News and Commentary Source
  8. Rubin Report-Free Speech Advocate and Classical Liberal Talk Show Host
  9. Biography-The Biography Channel
  10. Thomas Sowell-Economist
  11. Louder With Crowder-Conservative Comedy Show
  12. Conservative Review-News Source
  13. CNN-News Source
  14. BBC-News Source
  15. Encyclopedia Britannica-I mean, C’mon…. It’s the Encyclopedia Britannica

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