The Golden Mean, The Tao, The Way

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What is the Golden Mean?

The Golden Mean is simply a manner of behaving where your life is balanced and virtuous. You find this balance by acting in a virtuous manner given certain situations. Many thinkers have sought to define it and share how to attain it. Read on to find out why you should seek the Golden Mean.

Aristotle defines the mean as the proper way of being between two extremes in great detail in his Nicomachean Ethics. Confucius defines this idea of the mean in terms of balance in his work Doctrine of the Mean. And, Lao Tzu discusses it as a path, calling it “the Way” or “the Tao.” Even C. S. Lewis in Abolition of Man, talks about it and what it is, describing it as a way of being that is discoverable through reason.

This course will explain what these different thinkers have to say about the mean. My goal in doing this is to offer people the chance to dive deep into this fundamental idea. If we want to fix our society, we need to understand our history and the ideas of the past. But, we can’t find that in college anymore. So, I set out to provide that with this course.

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