Re-Separate Church and State And Stop PC Secularism’s Monopoly

America is a theocracy. But this one is not run by white male Christians like this social justice warriors would like you to believe. Rather, they are the ones who run it. There is a canon of political correctness, secularist thought and government programs. If there is any established religion, it is Secularism.

So, What Is Secularism?

Secularism is the idea that government institutions should not be run by religious persons in a manner that changes the government institution into a religious one. However, in America, the dedication to this idea has become religious in itself. It has used postmodern thought, political correctness and government institutions to create a materialist theology that has no room for a higher power, objective truth or free will.

The heretics are no longer burned at the stake, but they are labeled sexist, bigoted, homophobe, Islamaphobe, Nazi or any insult that can be hurled their way and stick to them. The new witchcraft is individuality, personal freedom, and self-reliance. To say that anyone can become anything if they put their minds to it, a truly American idea, is antithetical to the secularist ideal that government is god, and the people need government to support them.

What Are The Problems?

Today, there is a need to separate the Secularist Religion from government. There must be freedom among those in government to adhere to their religious beliefs and express them, as long as people are not hindered in the expression of their beliefs. Separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution, rather it is a part of common law. It does not mean that people aren’t allowed to use their religious ideas when acting in a government capacity. The only thing that government cannot do in regards to religion is establish a state religion or stop the citizens from believing and expressing their beliefs.

People who are elected to America’s Republic are tasked with using their judgement on behalf of their constituents. They are not supposed to do their constituent’s will, which is why there are terms: to give voters a chance to change their representation. Not allowing lawmakers to use their moral compass if it is derived from a Christian worldview is like not letting a journalist use her understanding of history to explain the context of world events. People have to frame new information with background knowledge and context to have a fully informed understanding.

What Are The Solutions?

This is not an endorsement of a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist theocracy in America. It is an endorsement of the liberty of Christians, Muslims and Buddhists serving in government institutions to frame their morality and ethics with reference to their religious beliefs. People have the right to express and practice their beliefs, as long as they do not force others to believe the same, even in government institutions. The idea that teachers can force young children to learn about and do activities about transgender people without criticism, but a coach can’t kneel on the fifty yard-line after a game to pray in thanksgiving for the players’ health without losing his job is antithetical to the intention of the First Amendment. People need to realize that the First Amendment grants the “freedom OF” not “freedom FROM” religion. Their is a pattern in America today of secularist doctrine being propagated as fact when it is merely as faith-driven as any religion. It is a line of logic built on the assumption that there is no god. The push-back should not extinguish or persecute the Secularists in the same way they have attempted to do to other faiths. Rather, they should promote the tolerance of faiths to be expressed on any platform, allowing people to decide for themselves in a marketplace of ideas what to believe.

Last Words

If this ship is going to be corrected, there need to be serious steps taken in order to allow liberty and freedom of religion. Religious people must stand up in defense of their faith in small and big ways. Do not give in to bullies or tyrants. People should be allowed to pick their faith. Parents should be allowed to instill the values they hold in their children. People should not be subjugated to any faith, especially not in America. To be free is to be able to express yourself, and unless people can speak to their religion and beliefs without fear of punishment, they are not free.

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