QUOTE: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Before we judge the shortcomings of others, it is necessary to look into our hearts and see what we find. Examining oneself is liberating, yet burdensome. It will show us things we would rather not know about ourselves, namely that we have a dark side. This evil within us is our capability to choose to defy our calling to move towards our Ideal Self. It is evidence that God is just, in that we have the ability to make choices, and that He allows them to play out within the order of the natural world. When evil is done it breeds evil. However, there is hope. Good breeds good as well. When we choose what is good, we increase the abundance of good in our world. And, because God is just, He allows this good to reap good results in this life and the next. It is often said that bad things happen to good people, and that’s true. This neglects the possibility that if that person were bad, they could have had worse circumstances. Regardless, if we expect to have a society that is full of good, we must look inside ourselves to find that line between good and evil to ensure that we are on the proper side: the side of good.

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