27. Philosophers, Artists, and Sages

The philosopher is one who analyzes the world around him. He is the man who describes the order and nature of things. He thinks logically and analytically. He takes the experience of the individual and abstracts from that the universal Truths that govern the universe.

The man who arrives at the doors of artistic creation with none of the madness of the Muses would be convinced that technical ability alone was enough to make an artist… what that man creates by means of reason will pale before the art of inspired beings.



The artist is one who thinks abstractly. He looks for the Truth in stories, harmonies, color and form. He takes the universal Truth and makes it relatable by expressing it through the eyes of the individual to uncover more about human nature.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

-Ludwig van Beethoven


The philosopher and artist are equally wise, but not in the same way. It would be hard for either to take on the other’s role. There is one who can do both, however.


The sage is the highest form of wisdom. The sage can do the job of the philosopher and the artist. His writings sound like Shakespeare, with the Truth of Genesis. The sage has an understanding of self that is so clear, he can uncover the universal by looking within and understands himself by looking without.

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