QUOTE: Bill Gates

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. -Bill Gates
This is often observed in athletes that compete at a level way above their competition, like the Division 1 recruit playing in a conference for small high schools. They begin to think they can’t loose because it didn’t happen. They never meet a challenge until they go off to their Division 1 school where it’s a whole new ball game, where they aren’t the biggest, fastest, strongest, or most skilled. Constant success breeds complacency. When you’re complacent, you stop working to improve, which is why it’s so dangerous to think you can’t lose. This has another layer to it than reminding people of the story of Rocky nearly beating Apollo or David defeating Goliath. It has effects in our society. Currently, the elites in our country have this mentality, as do the people who think they are elites like college professors. They have shifted the power center in America over the last hundred years of Progressivism- on both the left and the right. Big Government and Big Business collude and either think people are too stupid to realize it or can’t stop them. I think Donald Trump’s election in some ways was to the elite class of America like the first time Rocky and Apollo met in the ring. This won’t be the time the elites loose their power, but it will be a tightly contested match. However, that’s not simply because of Trump, but what he represents: the voice of a desperate part of the country which wants to shatter current power structures to be left alone. The sequel isn’t another Trump term, it’s a far greater step in the direction of disrupting current power structures. It is the power behind a movement of individuals deciding to act as such and refuse to submit to an elitist, utopian vision of their future. There are signs all around of decentralization. I say this not out of fear, but hope. We have plenty of opportunities to shape our own life, future, and communities- with more on the way. This chance is the gift of elitist complacency. If they didn’t get so used to succeeding, this would not be a conversation, but they did. If people weren’t fed up with the way elites treated them enough to push back, there would be no battle, but they are. We are in the perfect storm of complacency and fervor standing across each other in the battle over the placement of power. The irony is Bill Gates was able to leave this quote out there for someone to find and apply to him and his fellow elites.

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