The Golden Mean for Understanding Objective and Subjective Reality

I’ve discussed the Golden Mean a number of times on the podcast and in various ways. Today, I want to reiterate what the Mean is and how we use practical wisdom to seek it. But, I’ll be discussing that in reference to objective and subjective reality. Where are the excesses and defects in our understandings of these two ideas? That’s what I’ll dive into today.

Here are some of the excesses and defects I think take us away from the mean. You can listen to the episode above to dive deeper into the why and how.

Excesses in Understandings of Objective Reality

  • Belief that only the physical world exists
  • Believing only in what the senses observe
  • Denial of abstract truths or moral truths

Defects in Understandings of Objective Reality

  • Doubting the external world
  • Disbelief in natural law
  • Lack of belief in truth

Excesses in Understandings of Subjective Experience

  • Radical relativism
  • Critical theory
  • Attacks on beauty and art

Defects in Understandings of Subjective Experience

  • Denial of free will
  • Attributing human consciousness to natural phenomenon
  • Not allowing for tastes, preferences, or opinions

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