Outrage Culture – How to Address The Major Issues in Our Society

Outrage doesn’t fix problems. Often, it actually exacerbates them. But, outrage culture does make things happen.

In spite of this knowledge, we (myself included) often let our anger simmer. But, it doesn’t lead to action.

I recently came across a clip on my YouTube channel of my interview with Stephen and Brian from the Vital Masculinity Project. In it, Stephen points out the lead line, “Outrage doesn’t solve problems.”

To be clear, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be angered by a lot of what goes on in our culture. But, we need to take clear steps to counteract the internet outrage culture and learn from these tactics.

So, what is outrage culture?

When the left gets angry, the mob mobilizes, creating an outrage culture. Companies feel the pressure to react. And all this is fueled by a few angry people on Twitter or a few angry phone calls.

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Examples of Outrage Culture

  • Conservatives like Tucker Carlson losing sponsors
  • When Harry Became Sally getting taken off Amazon (as well as Dr. Seuss)
  • Abigail Shrier’s book being taken off Target’s shelves
  • And there are many more…

My point is we have to counteract the real outrage culture. Libertarians, Conservatives, and Classical Liberals generally agree the left has gone too far in many ways. 

However, most of what they do is complain about it, which is no longer going to work.

We must put aside any qualms about being impolite or aggressive. There are serious issues that need to be addressed.

Kids are being chemically castrated and mutilated due to trans ideology. Abortion is not only “safe, legal, and rare,” but celebrated and idolized. Schools are teaching our children some of the most harmful and disgusting lies.

And yet, we’re just going to be mad about it, and that’s all? No. 

If you’re angry about these things, good, but that means you have to do something. Anger is often a signal injustice is being done. 

Allowing injustice to enrage you is not impressive, but doing something to rectify injustice is admirable.

Fighting back against the outrage mob

What can you do if you’re outraged by the left’s actions? Fight back like they do.

  • Make your voice heard by the people who matter – the actual companies bending to the left
  • Get out of corrupt institutions like the universities
  • Build alternatives where possible that aren’t woke like the DailyWire, Black Rifle Coffee, etc.
  • Continue to build, innovate, and share ideas to push back

What we need to do is flip the tactics of outrage culture and the mob on them. If there’s one thing we should learn from the mob it’s that it doesn’t require a majority, just a loud minority.

So, we don’t need millions and millions of people on the same page. Instead we need people to start speaking up and pushing back.

If we can make that happen, we can counter the left’s attack on our culture. And if we can counter, we can begin to really build up the culture instead of preventing its destruction.

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