23. Artificial Intelligence and Human Consciousness

Watching the season 1 finale of Westworld, I realized that this dilemma was coming. I don’t know the technology behind it, nor can I predict the way we will legislate it.

What I am going to try today is to begin to understand humanity in a spiritual way, but also juxtaposing it to machine learning. The question is what makes us human? Can we artificially create humans? What would be the tipping point from machine to human?

Those who know the Self become the Self. None in their family forgets the Self. Freed from the fetters of separateness, they attain to immortality.

Let this wisdom be taught only to those who obey life’s unity. Let this wisdom be taught only to those who offer their lives to the Lord of Love.

Mundaka Upanishad

This issue is as much about understanding our nature and our consciousness as it is understanding what we create.

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