What is Truth?

Do we have the ability to know the Truth? Are our biases and problems with our senses too much to overcome in our search for the Truth? Is there even A Truth, or is that simply something people invented in their minds as a survival tool?

These are just some of the questions that will be confronted throughout this series of essays. I am doing this as an exercise for myself to answer these questions, but I would like to share them with my readers so I can receive feedback and criticisms in an effort to hone my understanding of Truth.

This essay will seek to explain what I mean by Truth. Truth is the objective reality that exists outside of perceptions, and is understood by people through the rational mind and the senses. My definition does not assert the reality of Truth in the first lines of a series of essays, but it serves as an understanding of what it is I seek to understand, namely whether or not this definition of Truth even exists. I will make assertions about Truth to ensure that you understand what I mean, but I will prove my understanding of this throughout this series.

On the other hand, truth (uncapitalized) will be defined simply as something that is true. The Truth is something that is incomprehensible in its entirety, while truths are a piece of Truth that can be understood by the human mind. The Truth is something that is eternal, while truth is something worldly and pragmatic. A truth would be, “what goes up must come down.” A Truth would be, “a perfect understanding of and way to implement justice.”

Truth is not a destination that we will likely achieve, but orienting ourselves in a manner that we seek it unlocks truths. These truths compile over time to create a better picture of the Truth, but it is only a picture. The picture we see today is a low-resolution image taken from the moon of earth. It does not capture the entire cosmos around us, more does it show us the minutia and nuance of Truth. In other words, we are far from understanding ourselves and our home, not to mention the universe.

But, why can we not simply confront the Truth head on? Why do we look at these pictures of the Truth called truths instead of the Truth as a whole? Looking directly at the Truth is like staring into an eclipse, it isn’t meant for the naked eye. Rather we must use the lenses of science, spirituality, self-reflection, and philosophy to look at the Truth so that we are not trying to capture the whole spectrum of light, but a digestible portion.

It is by aiming for perfection that we obtain great. When aiming for great, we often become lost. Seeking perfection, knowing it will never be obtained, requires humility and compassion such that when one achieves greatness the praise does not push them away from their path to perfection. Those who seek greatness do so for sake of being great and the benefits of this world that follow. This is why they find themselves lost: they follow a path without an understanding of the journey. It is the same as putting a foreigner on a highway without a map. They can stay on the road, but do not know where it is they ought to go.

That is what the Truth is: perfect. It is the exact events, principles, laws of physics and morality that govern the cosmos and everything in it. It is each of the infinite number of things occurring at any moment throughout the universe. It is by striving to perfectly understand the Truth that we unlock the truths that help us progress as an individual as well as a society.

The only way to seek Truth is through the mind of the individual. No group or collective can do so. The individual can engage with other individuals or group together to work on finding Truth, but it is still the burden of each individual to understand. The collective does not have a mind, that is a gift for the individual alone.

Last Words

This discussion about the Truth, truths and what they mean hopefully lays the groundwork for these essays. In these, I will discuss the nature of, searching for, and discernment of the Truth and truths. In doing so, I will likely change and grow, and this definition may be completely different by the end of this exercise. However, in doing this, I think I can assist others in understanding.

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