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It’s been almost 365 days to slow the spread, and things have barely changed. The biggest difference is that people are more on edge. For people like me who’ve been doing what they want regardless, you may not have heard the news.

Our trusted CDC overlords say you can go about your normal life if you’re vaccinated and continue to play their ridiculous game. And sadly, there are many people actually relieved by this.

People have really been shut away for nearly a year. Hopefully, we can return to a baseline level of sanity that existed in February of 2020, however insane that may be.

But that’s not all. Lots has happened this week that I wanted to share, and there will be some awesome content coming your way. Some of the top stories this week I dive into are:

  • Stimmy Checks
  • Urban-rural chasm
  • International Womxn Day

But, there's much more. 

The course I rolled out on the Golden Mean has more installments. And, I have more outlined to keep the classes coming. If you're interested in joining, you can buy it here. And, you'll get access to the course and some extra attention from me to get questions answered and bounce ideas off of me.

Top Articles

More stimmy checks are on the way. Biden just signed a $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief bill, which will include $1,400 checks for most Americans. Luckily it only cost you $5,700 (1.9 trillion/330 million).
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CDC says you can see your family. But, that's only if you're vaccinated and ready to jump through a million hoops (and stick the landing). Now, I've been doing basically what I want. For those listening to the CDC overlords, I have pity.
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Top Podcasts

Mikhaila Peterson discussed the music industry with rapper Yung Gravy. Even if I'm not a huge fan of the music, I am so fascinated by how the music industry works. While I hadn't heard of Gravy before this, I enjoyed his music much more than other artists out right now.
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Pete Quiñones had Ross Benes on the Free Man Man Beyond the Wall Podcast. In their conversation, they covered how the urban-rural divide is deepening. And, they talked about how the Democrats lost the blue collar worker as well as many of the unions.
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Social Chatter

Looking for some good, old-fashioned marriage advice? Old West on Twitter had some great advice for young people looking to get married and for newly married people. And, it got some good chatter going as well.
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Did you know International Women's Day was this week? Well, I told people why I would not be celebrating this "holiday." Instead, I'm happy to tell the women I know why they're actually important to my life.
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My Conversations

Online Courses are the future, or at least, I think they are. School is obviously not working, but we aren't really working to replace it. And since school isn't really educating us, we need to find our own conversation.
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Chesterton's Orthodoxy is a great book if you want to understand Why Christianity is True. He discusses this idea by examining his experience to find what is true. It's a great read whether or not you're Catholic.
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