Defending Property Rights From Government and Big Tech

In this episode, I talked to Brook Medina from the John Locke Foundation about defending property rights from government and big tech. But, we also discussed capitalism vs. distributism, John Locke, beauty, and much more. We were able to pack a lot of great insights into this hour-long interview. So, listen or watch below. And, if you want to learn more about the John Locke Foundation, check out their work here.

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About Brooke and the John Locke Foundation

Brooke Medina is Vice President of Communications for the John Locke Foundation. Brooke also co-hosts HeadLocke and handles all press relationships. She has been published in outlets such as The Hill, Entrepreneur, Washington Examiner, Daily Signal, FEE, and Intellectual Takeout.

“The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property.”

-John Locke

Defending Property Rights

In my book on this subject, I discuss how innovation can outpace government regulation if done right. But, the world of big tech censorship is another issue. Brooke and I discussed how political activism can help push back against government and the potential solutions for holding big tech accountable. As advocates of the free market, neither of us wants more government regulation. However, we both recognize the problem and see the need for some solution to hold these big tech companies accountable.

Power of Free Markets

We also dove into the debate I’ve been seeing several places on capitalism vs. distributism. Again, while we don’t want government getting into managing the economy, we both are intrigued by the distributists. Neither of us sees how the distributist model can be implemented. However, new trends on remote work and a dispersion of talent could lead to a similar outcome. Instead of government reassigning wealth or jobs, they may be able to stand aside and let the free market decentralize.

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