Irish Influence in America

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, is like to take a look at what the Irish have done in America, beyond just building the railroad. Also, well look at a bit you can do to prepare (and stay prepared) for the Wu Flu.

The Way, The Truth, The Life: Part 4

In the last couple episodes, we discussed how you can come to know things about God, creation, and ethics, through human reasoning.

Today, we conclude this series talking about what the incarnation reveals and how it fulfills us.

Scientists Aren’t Philosophers… And Vice Versa

It seems as though we have trouble delineating between different means of understanding the world and how those should be used. I've seen philosophers make for bad scientists and scientists make for bad philosophers. The reason, I believe, is they require different ways of searching for Truth.

Don’t Jump The Gun

It's all too common for us to jump to conclusions in the digital media world.

How can we use a little patience and charity to not jump the gun and shoot ourselves in the foot?

That's what we discuss today.

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