Top Discussions This Week 2/12

I hate to admit that Tom Brady is the GOAT. As a Colts fan, it really pains me, but he proved it this week, even if some may not agree. But, the Super Bowl isn’t the only thing that happened this week. Lots of great conversations happened on Twitter, podcasts, and here at the Conversation of Our Generation. Keep reading to see what caught my attention this week.

Top Podcasts This Week

This week’s Pints with Jack episode was great. David talked to Jason Lepoj√§rvi about love, sex, and marriage, and I walked away with some tremendous insights. The richness that Jason brought to the conversation was great. If you haven’t been following Matt and David as they go through the Screwtape Letters, you should.

There was also a great conversation on religiosity and secularism on the Rubin Report. His roundtable with Peter Boghossian, Eric Metaxas, Rabbi Wolpe confronted problems facing our culture from different perspectives.

Social Chatter

My Conversations:

Stephen and Brian from The Vital Masculinity Podcast joined me again for a great conversation about how to build a virtuous society. As always, it was a great conversation with the guys, as we discussed friendship, virtue, and much more confronting our society.

Also, I was a guest on The Survival Podcast. Jack and I discussed how to have productive conversations ordered toward truth. Instead of trying to win an argument, we talked about how to dialogue with someone in a way that you grow together.

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