Dubious Joy

I left the church on Easter Day
Unsure of Christ’s Resurrection
It seemed plausible either way,
And the Truth beyond detection
Lost in my thoughts, I soon awoke
When to me my mother spoke
And in doing, my doubtful chains she broke

Still, I wished I had seen the empty tomb
O, if I could have seen it for myself!
I envied Thomas who felt his wounds
By this, my faith would be in proper health
Alas, I was born two millennia too late!
Born across this chasm of time so great
Unable to see what would be our world’s fate

But then I recalled Magdalene’s grief
How to her the Lord appeared, unrecognized
By a dearest friend who blamed a thief
For taking her Lord she beheld in her eyes
Glory, that’s the answer I sought!
He’s present I know, as I’ve been taught
Just answer His calling my name, I ought

Then, I will see and be able to say
My Lord and my God, I’ll not delay
I’ll wonder and wander, rejoice in the day
For the Lord of all light has illumined our way

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