Objectivity of Truth

In order to begin this discussion of the objectivity of truth, it is necessary to define terms that will be used in this discussion.

First, objectivity, is defined as the state of being objective. What, then, does it mean to be objective? In this use of the word, it is to be “not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice.”

Therefore, for something to be objective, it must exist in such a way that is irrefutable when tested by pure logic and reason. While one’s feelings or perspective may sway them to question the objective nature, this doubt does not undermine the reality of its existence. It is as Shakespeare said, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

In the way that renaming a rose does nothing to change the nature of a rose, feelings, interpretations, and prejudice do nothing to change the nature of objectivity. It is not in the observation of a thing or idea that it is what it is, but by its very existence it is defined as what it is.

The Truth is that which cannot be swayed by the influences of subjectivity listed above. Being ignorant of or prejudiced against gravity does not give one the ability to suspend themselves in midair. Truth is not swayed by one’s feelings toward it, and thus, acts within its nature whether one believes it or not. This is why Truth is objective, and why things that are true must be discovered through the application of pure reason, devoid of biases or feelings.

When one doubts Truth in favor of their own feelings, they act against the nature of Truth. When one doubts their feelings in pursuit of Truth, they take the first step towards knowing Truth which is to practice objectivity.

The Truth is cold and unfeeling. Therefore, to know Truth, one must become cold in their search for it. Just as one cannot act against Truth despite all urges against it will be subject to its retaliation, the one who sheds the parts of their mind that hinder their search will find it.

This is why Truth is objective. All who seek it by shedding their feelings and biases will find it standing there, waiting for them. All who seek it for themselves by indulging in their feelings and interpretations will find nothing except the reality that awaits their denial.

The Truth is reality. It exists despite anyone’s feelings or beliefs to the contrary. To deny truth is often the statement of personal interpretations. To claim that “Truth is relative,” (as is common today) is to do one of two things. The first is to impose one’s own beliefs on the nature of truth by claiming truth is merely what one perceives it to be. The second is to recognize the actuality that there is an objective Truth by making a statement of fact (one that is false, but it is presented as such).

The first of these mistakes is done out of hubris, the second of ignorance. To claim that one’s own experience is that of an objective reality nullifies other’s, which makes the person who proposes this idea the keeper of truth because it is there experience, and their’s alone, that constitutes reality.

The second is of ignorance because it simply contradicts itself. To state definitively that truth is subjective is to claim, objectively, that the nature of truth is subjective. By making this claim, the argument in favor of subjectivity collapses under its own weight.

We can say that Truth is objective because it exists without feeling, bias, prejudice, and interpretation. It is a description of reality that exists in itself without these traits that would hinder its objectivity. When describing its nature, I give it a personality because that is the limit to which I can discuss its nature, but it has no personality in the way we can understand.

The recognition of this aspect of the nature of Truth is one that must be accepted before delving into the mysteries that take us to Truth, because it is the only lens through which we can observe the truths that lead us to Truth. It is by leaving behind feeling, prejudice, and interpretation that we humble ourselves to the reality that exists beyond, around, and within us.

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