29. Education From Different Angles

We have a new format! Instead of an hour of me going on about one topic, I decided to break it up into segments about each of the main tenants that make up the Conversation of Our Generation. I will still have my quote of the week, but I will instead have a segment for politics/economics, philosophy/history, religion/spirituality, and art/music/literature.

This way, I can cover an assortment of ideas and topics and keep things fresh. I will be playing around with the number of segments, but they will be labeled as the type of discussion we will be having, so you are aware of the approach I’m taking to the topic.

Would love feedback on the new format, so find me on social media or comment below on the blog to tell me more about the show and your thoughts on the topics!

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

-Khalil Gibran


We will discuss education and how we can tie the Quote of the Week into our education system, as well as some of my experiences from my education, my mom being a teacher, and my volunteering in a charter school.


This will be a discussion on the Objectivity of Truth (with a link to my recent post about this topic linked in the notes) and what this means for us and how we should approach discussions on truth.


The Holy Cross Brothers have an idea of “educating hearts and minds.” What I would like to do is discuss my experience with religious education and why I think it deepened my love for learning as well as built character in me.


One thing that has become a hot topic in education is what literature ought to be taught. From erasing anti-slavery works like Huckleberry Finn for historically accurate language, to ignoring Shakespeare because of intersectionality, the major works of Western Literature are being forgotten or taught incorrectly.

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