33. From the Battle Within to the One Without

Today, I won’t be talking about war necessarily, but the idea of battle and how that can manifest within oneself, in politics, in philosophies, and ultimately in war. My hope is to show how the war within oneself can lead to the last.

“There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.”

-Sun Tzu

Spirituality: We all have friction between the person that we are and the one we have the potential to be. Also, there is a battle between our impulses and the desire to strive to something higher. It is in these conflicts that we discover what we can become out of the potential we are presented with.

Politics: Often, people believe the battle of politics follows philosophy. However, I think the philosophy is moulded by the politics. Politicians rarely do what’s principled, but what’s expedient. They react to the baser instincts and urges of the majority to maintain power.

Philosophy: This comes from one of two places. The good philosophies are the result of an honest search for truth. The bad are an attempt to justify one’s own failure to conquer their demons, manipulate others, or a failure to decipher between their prejudices and truth.

War: This can happen in the traditional sense. More importantly, ideas, philosophy, and political factions can draw on for so long that it sucks the ability to function outside the war. It makes the only source of energy the ability to engage in the battle.

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