34. Learn From Failure, Don’t Fear It

Learn how failure can be conquered from the micro level to the macro. Understand the process of taking failure as it is and incorporating it into your life.

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

-Og Mandino

Economic: These failures are often, if not always, a failure of trust on behalf of people. Instead of allowing the system to progress as it naturally would, people try to put an economy on their timetable- which causes market failure.

Athletics: This teaches us that not every failure is ultimate. A quarterback being sacked doesn’t mean the team can’t score a touchdown on that drive. A single missed shot in basketball doesn’t cost the game. There’s always a chance to make up for a mistake or small failure until the clock hits 0.

Personal: These are far harder to cope with because the onus is on one person. You have to take full responsibility- even if it’s out of your control on these failure. It may be losing a job, failing in a business, or dropping out of school.

Spiritual: These are personal failings, but on a moral, spiritual, or ethical plane. It isn’t like losing a competition, but failing to overcome one’s addiction, pride, or other moral failings. These can be the hardest to cope with because they go straight to the moral fabric of our being, our soul.

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