32. Institutions of Justice

As we’ve talked about before, an institution is far more than a physical place, but the shared understandings our culture uses as shortcuts to interacting with each other. Often, these are developed over centuries or millennia. The institution being discussed today is justice due to the issues with understanding the court system in America as well as where the idea of justice comes from.

“Punishment is justice for the unjust.”

-Saint Augustine

Philosophy: Justice is the idea that certain actions will result in certain consequences. It is a recognition of the order of the universe and the order it follows, and the repercussions of actions with that in mind. Should one act against the natural order, it will find a way to correct the action against it.

Religion: This is where the idea of justice has an ideal extracted from it. This ideal is God’s justice. It is where perfect justice exists because it is the view of time and space through the lens of eternity, which sees all at once.

Law: This is the attempt to codify the ideal of justice and execute it as well as man can as an imperfect vehicle. Law in America uses 3 branches to create, enforce, and judge cases of injustice.

Society: Society must find a way to instill justice as a virtue in individuals that comprise it. In order to have a just society, individuals within it must be just themselves. This means that wherever injustice arises, individuals go against it.

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