Coronavirus Rules Everything Around Me

C.R.E.A.M. Coronavirus Rules Everything Around Me With the American people on lockdown, it seems like the Wuhan Flu rules our minds. But is there an end in sight? Are there other options? We’ll look at all the options and their trade offs.

Do Facts Matter?

Do Facts Matter?

My answer is yes... for the most part.

Today, we’ll discuss when facts are important and when an inaccurate statement leads to a fallacious attack on the one asserting an idea.

Finding Freedom Through Discipline

How can discipline give you more freedom in your life on a daily basis?

How can you push back against government over reach by increasing your liberty.

We talk today how to fix you so the government doesn't have to fix the system.

The People Behind The Statistics

We often throw around statistics and numbers without too much thought.

But what do they mean for people's lives?

Join me as we talk about The People Behind The Statistics and bring the numbers to life.

We Don’t Need No Education

Do you really NEED college?

Today we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of college, why I think it's a bad deal for almost everyone there, and other options that are far better.

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