70. How To Find Success- And What That Really Means

The recipe for success is not as straight forward as people like to make it out to be. There are many factors that play into success: how hard you work, inherent skill, passion, and some luck.

Today, I’ll explain insights I’ve recently come across into success and a recipe that I’ve seen work for me and others around me.

“Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”

-Grandpa Jimbo

Recipe for success: This is just the quote above. You need to be constantly working on building new skill sets and uncovering new knowledge. All that must be done, and then you can practice seizing opportunities. If you’re not ready for an opportunity and try it anyway, you have more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what it takes. If it works out, you add to your body of success.

Individualism: Success is key to freedom. Not filthy rich, super famous success, but something that allows you to rely on yourself and have excess to save for the future and help others. The growth of the victim mentality we see today is directly correlated to the spreading of a  false understanding of success, and by pushing back against that, we can help people find a new individual liberty.

Community: Success in a community breeds success. Look at top universities. Schools put out alumni that will make a lot of money. They then pay that back to the school in donations and opportunities for the next generation of students there. It builds its own network and recruitment system to some of the best-paying jobs in society. However, there’s more. In any community where moderate wealth and many virtuous people are, it can be a spring of wealth that is more than just money.

Society: We are the wealthiest nation on the planet today and throughout history. However, people still feel left behind. Why is that? There is a need in the human heart to participate. Even in Eden, Adam and Eve were told to tend the garden, which is to work. We want to take part in something meaningful and challenging, and I think that what Jordan Peterson is doing is exactly what we need.

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