119. Book Review | Don’t Burn This Book by Dave Rubin

In a time when discussion is angry and partisan, it is refreshing to have a book that addresses real issues seriously- but not too seriously. Don’t Burn This Book is a great look at Dave Rubin’s political transformation, and it comes with great advice for those afraid of the PC Mob.

If you’re open to honest and civil dialogue (which I hope you are if you’re here) this is a good look at many of the issues people are facing today. It isn’t a dense philosophical treatise and it surely isn’t fluff. It’s an approachable read that gives the reader a good read of the landscape both philosophically and politically… as well as memetically.

“Instead of silencing speakers on campus, perhaps do what you’re supposed to in college instead: listen to someone who thinks differently than you do.”

Dave Rubin

Buy your copy of Don’t Burn This Book here.

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