120. Keep The Old Normal

I’m worried that we’re being prepared for a “new normal,” and one that will be harmful to us. I’ve seen a couple signs of this and wanted to call them out so we can find ways to push back and resist encroachments into our lives.

“I’ve studied authoritarianism for a very long time – for 40 years – and they’re started by people’s attempts to control the ideological and linguistic territory.”

Jordan Peterson

Here are a couple things I’ve noticed happening that touch very different parts of our lives.

  1. Whole Foods using cash only (from a picture on Twitter, but have heard this elsewhere)
  2. Contact tracing & mandating vaccines
  3. “Simple” behavior changes – Masks, handshaking, distancing
  4. Stripping of religious community and other social institutions

I believe these will work to undermine our freedom and our way of life. My hope is that being aware will help us to push back and not loose those things we hold dear.

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  1. I think it’s an obsession with safety that brings in these regulations that when implemented on a large scale makes everyone paranoid.

    I mean, the issue with Covid from most people standpoint is that they’re not safe. Look at the mask issue; peoples concern are about themselves or their families our friends getting Covid. It wasn’t about how can we best prevent the spread. The regular person’s fear was that they’re going to get Covid and is this particular mass going to prevent me from getting it.

    I tell everyone I see the reason why I married a mask is not so I don’t get it, unless I’m working in a hospital or close to patients who have it that is; The reason I wear a mask is so I don’t inadvertently give it to you, because I won’t know if I have it or not.

    And the reality of Covid is not so much that people are dying. Scientist have already shown us that Cove it is not behaving any differently than the flu or any other sort of respiratory coronavirus. Which is to say, the only difference is that it spreads like three or four times as well instead of 1.5 times as the flu.

    All these regulations that we’ve allowed the government to put in place for us is due to our own fear and ignorance feeding upon itself.

    There is something to say about modern ideology being the ideology The fear of death.

    The irony is that no matter how intelligently or rationally I talk about it, ultimately if I sneeze in your general direction closer than 6 feet I would bet you’re gonna get a reaction to me and you’re gonna get mad at me because I’m not wearing a mask or something.

    I would submit you can’t even control it. And these ultra rationalizations about the system taking away our freedom’s: we talk about them because were already aware of the situation, and we don’t want our freedoms taken. But look at me voice dictating this into a phone that’s measuring every step I take and probably analyzing every word I’m writing. I have become indoctrinated as well as complicit in the authoritarian system.


    The whole thing about the “new normal” is about death. I think it is about emotion, it is about fear of the unknown, but ultimately it is about losing something that is comfortable and that we loved.

    The idea of a new normal comes out of the trauma that people face when they lose a close loved one. The old normal is that you’re supposed to stop crying after two or three weeks. Something is wrong with you if you hallucinate For a month or two or say a bunch of strange things because your child died.

    The new normal is that you never get over it and you’ll probably be crying every day for the rest your life. But not that life is bad, or that something was wrong in the universe because the child died and so I’m going to try my best to get over my resentment and so my life basically sucks until I get some psychotherapy around it so I can get back to normal. No.

    It’s a new normal. It is peace, it is love, it is safe, it is what it is.

    🌈. Thanks, this voice dictation tends me towards long comments.

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