185. Civil Unrest in Shakespeare’s Henry VI

Shakespeare’s King Henry VI teaches us what the costs of civil unrest can be. Furthermore, it shows us how tensions rise and reach a boiling point that cannot be reversed. So, have we reached that point? I don’t think that’s the case, but we are not charting a good course. In this episode, we’ll see what we can glean from this fictionalized account of actual history.

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Why We Shouldn’t Want Civil Unrest

Far too many people are welcoming or cheering for civil unrest, but I find its possibility frightening. I don’t think the people hoping for violence know what that really means, which is likely why they are not afraid of it. Throughout history, however, we have seen the ravages of war and insurrection. And when we do, it rarely turns out for the better, but even if it does, it comes at great cost. Instead, we should seek peaceful means of reconciling differences and working within our constitutional framework. In King Henry VI, Shakespeare demonstrates the cost of rebellion and insurrection by telling the story of one that really happened.

188. Finding Unity and Mending a Divided Nation Conversation of Our Generation

Our country is obviously divided, politically, culturally, and religiously. Despite living in the same country under the same laws, we have two separate nations in our country. In this episode, I'll discuss mending a divided nation and how we find unity amid all the chaos. How We're Divided We have divided ourselves in many ways across this country. We've separated ourselves into religious and secular, conservative and liberal, coastal and heartland, and in numerous other ways. With all of these differences, how can we even say we're one country? Discussions of secession come up on both sides of the political aisle, and many take it as an inevitability. What is dividing us? Mainstream Media, politicians, educational systems and numerous institutions seek to tear us apart instead of bringing us together. "Even if a unity of faith is not possible, a unity of love is." -Hans Urs von Balthasar Methods for Mending a Divided Nation I've spoken previously about what we need to come together, but I'm going to recap some of those thoughts. Basically, I think we need to first see each other as fellow human beings, fellow citizens. Rather than seeing political opponents as evil or vicious, we should see our friend or family member who holds those views in each person. We easily jump to conclusions about people instead of trying to understand them. So, if we are to have a healthy political and cultural life, we need to be able to discuss politics well. This means we have to know our own beliefs and biases, and discuss ideas with knowledge of our own potential pitfalls. We need to learn the lessons of the past and seek to mend and understand each other without wanting to dominate or control each other. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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What Henry VI Teaches us about Civil Unrest

After my conversation with Kenny at the APH Podcast, I was thinking a lot about how well we’ve been able to maintain our republic and peacefully transition power. This is a great thing for everyone involved because peace breeds prosperity and many other goods.

This story came to mind as I was looking for a book to review because it demonstrates what happens when we ignore early signs of civil unrest. Furthermore, it shows the actions that lead to the bloodshed I fear. What you’ll find in this story is that you can turn back from early signs of unrest. Sadly, at some point the violence becomes inevitable and bursts forth. To reiterate, I don’t think we’re at that point. That said, we ought to be wary of our actions and tread lightly. These three plays show us how the unrest builds, what happens when leaders fail to contain it, and the bloodshed that ensues. For these reasons, I recommend you read this for yourself.

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