184. Crazy Elections in America’s Past

This year’s election is no doubt one of the most interesting we’ve had, and certainly unique. Trump’s presidency was notable in many ways, and that continued through the 2020 election. With all the chaos and confusion around this election, I thought it would be good to take a look at some crazy elections in the past. That way, we can use lessons from history and apply them to our current circumstance. So, I sat down with Kenny Ryan from the Abridged Presidential Histories Podcast to dive into a few insane elections. If you’d like to learn more about his podcast, you can check that out here.

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”

Otto von Bismarck

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A Few Crazy Elections we can learn from…

1800 Election

Adams v.s. Jefferson was probably the most hotly contested election ever, at least in American politics. Many people today have seen Hamilton, so you might be familiar with this one. Also, it’s probably the closest we have to today’s partisan press with both sides slinging mud in the papers to get at the other party.

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1824 Election

The 1824 election was a five-way election where the candidate who won the most delegates doesn’t win. The controversy directly led to the 1824 winner losing in 1828, which we can see is similar to today. Plus, a lot of partisan brokering allows this to happen, which is also all too familiar as we’ve seen a rise of party members put their partisanship above any principles or the country.

1860 Election

Obviously, we are far from Civil War-level tensions. War is not imminent, however secession is widely talked about. And, I would argue it is a real possibility, albeit an unlikely one. How are we different from this time, and how can we cool tempers to prevent a similar bloodshed that was a result of the Civil War?

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188. Finding Unity and Mending a Divided Nation Conversation of Our Generation

Our country is obviously divided, politically, culturally, and religiously. Despite living in the same country under the same laws, we have two separate nations in our country. In this episode, I'll discuss mending a divided nation and how we find unity amid all the chaos. How We're Divided We have divided ourselves in many ways across this country. We've separated ourselves into religious and secular, conservative and liberal, coastal and heartland, and in numerous other ways. With all of these differences, how can we even say we're one country? Discussions of secession come up on both sides of the political aisle, and many take it as an inevitability. What is dividing us? Mainstream Media, politicians, educational systems and numerous institutions seek to tear us apart instead of bringing us together. "Even if a unity of faith is not possible, a unity of love is." -Hans Urs von Balthasar Methods for Mending a Divided Nation I've spoken previously about what we need to come together, but I'm going to recap some of those thoughts. Basically, I think we need to first see each other as fellow human beings, fellow citizens. Rather than seeing political opponents as evil or vicious, we should see our friend or family member who holds those views in each person. We easily jump to conclusions about people instead of trying to understand them. So, if we are to have a healthy political and cultural life, we need to be able to discuss politics well. This means we have to know our own beliefs and biases, and discuss ideas with knowledge of our own potential pitfalls. We need to learn the lessons of the past and seek to mend and understand each other without wanting to dominate or control each other. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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