Say Their Name Riots

After a summer of riots across America last year, I was concerned what would happen during the Deric Chauvin case. No matter the outcome, I think there will be chaos in the streets. But, I didn’t expect them to start so soon.

Minneapolis had another incident that sparked outrage, this time a clear case of police misconduct. A female police officer fired her gun instead of her taser, killing a man as he resisted arrest.

Now, people will riot until this woman gets a murder charge. And while I think she’s deserving of jail time and having her pension and benefits revoked, I haven’t seen murder here.

I have written and spoken extensively on my issues with policing and how they cover for each other. But, we have to look at the facts of the case, and murder requires intent.

If we want to start bringing justice, we need to charge cops with the crimes they actually committed. Overcharging due to zealotry is not helpful, and neither is letting them off the hook.

There is a proper and legitimate middle ground. That is to look at the facts of the case – all of them – and determine what is just. If it’s excessive force, negligence, homicide, or even murder, make the case. 

But, we should not have our justice system charging people based on the demands of rioters. That is not what a civil society does.

So, as a pragmatist, I’m preparing for the rioting we saw last year. I still hope that we can come to our senses and administer justice properly in these cases.

We just need good, sensible people voicing their dismay at inaction and overzealous prosecutions, and call for what is right and just.


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