95. Why We Have The Right To Guns

The Second Amendment debate has recently heated up quite a bit due to new laws that Virginia is trying to pass to restrict gun ownership.

Today we will talk about why there is a second amendment and four major reasons that the founders thought it was important.

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.”



Shooting is, and has been since guns were invented, a popular pastime. Whether it’s targets, target practice, or other usage, Americans have enjoyed shooting sports throughout its history.


The main issue that people bring up is that guns were for hunting so you don’t need “military style” weapons. The fact is that guns are used for food whether it’s hunting or quickly and humanely killing livestock.


One of the more serious reasons why we have it is in the case of self-defense. The saying goes that when you need help now cops are only minutes away and that’s true. If you have to defend yourself in the moment there’s no better way than a firearm that you know how to use well. That’s been true since the frontier when you even had to defend yourself against animals in addition to other people.

Defense against tyranny

The most important reason and the reason why most founders site in talking about the Second Amendment, is to defend against tyranny. It is important to have a militia ready to take on anyone who tries to take the guns. The reason is that an unarmed people are easy to oppress.

This is why slaves were disarmed, and the NRA was founded in order to give black citizens legal recourse when their rights were violated in regards to the Second Amendment.

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