Diversity: Our Strength and Our Downfall [Guest Post]

This look into diversity of thought has some great advice. When so much info is available, how do you evaluate the info at hand? Learn more in this first guest blog from Our Warpath.

108. Die Free Or Live As A Slave?

The government measures taken to combat the spread of the virus have quickly devolved into draconian oversteps. In practice, we've seen abuses of freedom and individuals across the country. Now ask yourself if you'd rather: Die Free Or Live As A Slave?

103. Irish Influence in America

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, is like to take a look at what the Irish have done in America, beyond just building the railroad. Also, well look at a bit you can do to prepare (and stay prepared) for the Wu Flu.

19. Freedom and Ethical Behavior

In light of recent controversies, it seemed pertinent to discuss ethical behavior in a free society.

In this podcast, I discuss where freedoms end, and how I think we should approach disagreement and tolerance.

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