How to Protect Privacy and Property from Big Tech

Privacy is a major concern right now as big tech runs rampant, doing whatever it pleases. So, how do we protect our rights to privacy and property from the greedy and intrusive hands of big tech? That’s what I’ll discuss today, and why you should tune in.

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Privacy and Property Rights

The right to privacy and the right to property are both crucial to liberty. And due to big tech, the ways we defend these rights has become more complex. It may have been harder to defend property when you really had to fight, but it was simple. Privacy was easy and simple to protect as well. But, due to all the innovations in technology, protecting each of these rights is harder. Despite the difficulty, we need to innovate and find ways to protect our property and our privacy in the digital age.

Privacy and Big Tech

Big tech is one of the biggest reasons why we need better protections. They constantly pull our data and sell that to third parties. I discussed some of the issues with big tech in my recent episodes on antitrust and property rights. The biggest issue with big tech is the lack of transparency. As you go about your business, you don’t know what data they’re collecting or how they’re using it. That’s why we need laws to help us protect our rights from the infringements of big tech.

Privacy Laws

The constitutional right to privacy exists because of the penumbras and emanations, as you can find out here. But, there is a right to privacy inasmuch as we are able to decide how much of ourselves we put forward into society. There are data privacy laws to help, but they need to be updated. Most of what we have to protect us is in need of improvement, and we need both political and technological solutions.

How We Handle Big Tech in the Digital Age

If we want to get ahead of the curve, we need to innovate. And, we need to fight on multiple fronts: both the political and the technological. Because big tech and government continue to infringe on our rights, we must take action to protect them. That’s why I wrote my book, Property Rights in the Digital Age, which you can get a sneak peek here. We need to see the trends that led us here and how we go forward.

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