Confronting Feminism and Media Bias with Traditional Values

I sat down with Julie Mastrine to discuss feminism, media bias, culture, and traditional values. She’s a writer at @evie_magazine and director of marketing at @allsidesnow, as well as sister of Amy Mastrine, who I interviewed last year. Listen below to hear a great discussion about our culture today. You can find out more about Julie here.

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Feminism in our culture

Feminist movements today​ are often very anti-woman. Many of the basic ideas of feminism​ try to make women into men, rather than celebrating women for being women. The history of feminism is very different than the examples of feminism today. However, they do have a lot in common as well. Julie writes a lot about relationships and issues confronting women today. So, we discussed her views on feminism and and why feminism doesn't work.

Living by Traditional Values

What are traditional American values? Well, there isn't a list of traditional values I can point to in order to explain what they are, but there are examples of traditional values that can help point you in the right direction. American values are not very traditional, but there are a lot of Americans pushing for a more old school morality. A return to tradition is what young people want, and Julie does a great job at presenting the argument for traditional values in relation to religion and the relationships between men and women.

Addressing Media Bias

There are many issues with our media and the biases they hold. If you looked at a media bias chart, you'd see the type of media bias that's most common is left-leaning. AllSides works to promote a fair and unbiased media. There's right-wing bias and left-wing bias, but the problem with media bias is huge in our culture.

You can check out these news organization bias charts to learn more about how they work. Although, I don't wholly agree with them, they are a good indicator of how people perceive the outlets.

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Listen to the interview with Julie Mastrine ad-free here.

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