How to Build A More Virtuous Society

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephen and Brian from The Vital Masculinty Podcast to discuss how we can build a more virtuous society. On their podcast, they focus on helping men become more virtuous, and I think that our society would benefit from more virtuous men. If we want to change the culture, I think we each have to play our part and grow in virtue. A society is simply the people in it. In order to change a society, we must each choose to choose virtue.

What Does a Virtuous Society Look Like?

You can’t build something if you don’t know what you want to build, but sometimes things are fuzzy. The picture may not be clear, but we have to take action anyways. With that said, I think we can agree that a society filled with Justice, Prudence, Courage, and Temperance is good. These cardinal virtues are the center of a virtuous life, and therefore, a virtuous society. A virtuous society will have strong families, tight-knit communities, respect for differences, and healthy politics. So, how do we go about creating that?

You can watch the interview on YouTube here to learn How to Build a More Virtuous Society.

The Building Blocks of A Virtuous Society

A society is just a human beings in relationship with one another. The family is the building block of society because its the first relationship one has to other people. But, we can only control our own actions – so if we want to change the society we live in, we have to change our behaviors first. That’s why I like the Vital Masculinity Podcast‘s emphasis on each man attaining virtue. So, if you want to see how you can do that, listen to this episode and check out their work as well.

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Finding Community as A Man

One thing I struggle with is finding like-minded men to fight alongside me. We want a band of brothers, but often don’t know how to find that. Plus, it doesn’t help that men aren’t the best at building bonds and putting themselves out there. If both parties aren’t reaching out, then no new bonds will form. So, the guys and I discussed this issue in light of their recent series on friendship and my observation of the breakdown of communities.

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