Mob Reign of Terror

The mob is still angry, roaming the streets with digital pitchforks and verbal torches. Rioting hasn’t broken out en masse like we saw last year. But the mob reign of terror is in full effect.

But, there are still calls for “justice” coming from the mob that don’t resemble justice in the least. In fact, the mob is almost always calling for an unjust solution.

After the Chauvin trial verdict, I honestly expected more rioting. That didn’t come to pass.

The Mob Reign of Terror strikes

However, we did see several instances of mob injustice. The biggest one being in the reaction to the shooting of Makhia Bryant by Lebron James.

The outcry from celebrities and the Twitter mob was despicable. Anyone who watches the video can see that it was a good shoot and that the cop was defending an innocent person.

However, he was berated online by people calling him racist or a white supremacist. People asking why he couldn’t tase her or shoot the knife out of her hand show their ignorance and lack of reason.

That wasn’t the only example. A Tennessee man lost his job due to an ambiguous video that seemed to me to be largely misrepresented

He was deemed a homophobe and the aggressor in a situation that is very unclear. And his story contradicts a lot of what the kids claim.

Despite this, the mob ran with the narrative and urged his company to make him step down as CEO.

My New Worry of the Mob

A few weeks ago, I was worried about riots running rampant. I now fear an institutionalization of mob injustice.

People will always get away with crimes in this fallen world, but enforcing a system of real injustice is terrifying. We’ve seen it in Socialist countries like Maoist China or the USSR under Stalin.

What I’ve seen this week is reticent of the intimidation tactics of those evil regimes. My hope is we can wake up before it’s too late and change the direction of our culture.


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