133. Book Review | The Supreme Court Landmark Decisions by Tony Mauro

This is a great book that will help you understand the Supreme Court, how they make decisions, and how those decisions affect you. It’s a great look into the major cases that have shaped America, and most especially, American jurisprudence.

Buy your Copy of The Supreme Court Landmark Decisions here.

In light of my recent episode defending American values, I thought it would be good to talk more about one of the arenas where these values are put to the test, and at times, come to fruition. This is a great book to help you understand what was going through the minds of the Justices as they made their decisions. And, when the Supreme Court is making some insane decisions now, it’s a great reminder that these are fallible people and can be overturned.

“Whenever you put a man on the Supreme Court he ceases to be your friend.”

Harry S Truman

Looking to learn more about the Supreme Court? This book has 20 of the cases that shaped America, and the decisions that made them. https://conversationofourgeneration.com/2020/07/10/133-book-review–the-supreme-court-landmark-decisions-by-tony-mauro/

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164. Dispelling Common Catholic History Myths Conversation of Our Generation

There are so many Catholic history myths out there that are so ingrained in our minds that we just believe them. But, are these stories we know for sure about our history really true? Brendan Lane from the Catholic History Show joined me to explain why our understanding of history is mistaken. The Catholic History Myths The Catholic Church is the recipient of a lot of scorn in America. I would argue it is one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry in America, and I'm not alone.  So, I wanted to refute some of the myths our culture puts out there about Catholic history. That's why I talked to Brendan about these several topics – to separate fact from fiction. Blase J. Cupich"The long arc of history that recounts the Catholic Church's embrace of people of all faiths and none in providing health, education, and welfare in society is as incontestable as it is impressive." https://youtu.be/0bYBHeieOv0 Christopher Columbus History Myths Christopher Columbus has a bad reputation nowadays, but is that really deserved? Actually, much of the negative stuff about Columbus we have is either slanderous or exaggerated. In fact, he was a very good man, impressive explorer, and a genius. He did have his faults. But, each of us is imperfect, and to hold historical figures to today's standards is unfair and childish. The Crusades and Myths The Crusades are also terribly misrepresented by historians. Although it is a complicated series of wars, it is boiled down in history books to a simple religious squabble. And, the Christians were totally in the wrong, according to today's historians. However, this is incredibly ahistorical. In reality, anyone who looks will find out that there's much more to the Crusades. And, Brendan helped unravel that story in this interview. Myths of The Inquisition There's more to the Inquisition than the Monte Python sketch. In fact, it is one of the most misrepresented periods of history. Brendon shows how the myths surrounding the Inquisition don't hold up to the historical record. Furthermore, he demonstrates how much of what Catholics think they know is wrong as well. Enjoy solving today’s problems with the wisdom of the past? Join the Conversation of Our Generation. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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