Modern Architecture Can Build on Tradition

Modern architecture has gotten a bad reputation in many traditional circles. However, not all that is modern is bad. In this video, Frank and I will show the difference between modern and modernist architecture, as well as the value of having a unique character.

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Ugliness of Modernist Architecture

I think that there’s also a distinction kind of like you mentioned between something that’s modern and something that’s postmodern or modernist. The modernist architecture just has to have a brutal feel to it. Either that, or it has to be totally out there and wild and impractical. There are two far ends that I think of when I think of modern art or modern architecture: formless nonsense and lifeless economism. Traditional architecture, however, urges

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Not all Modern Architecture is Modernist

But there are new things that would be considered modern that are built more traditionally, or at least building on tradition in a new way that you can you can still innovate. All these old buildings were at one point innovative as well. Architects could do modern things and can slice and dice and do cool things.

Local Character of Traditional Architecture

Because people in our modern world are so specialized, and they’re all kind of in their own little worlds and their own little silos, the architecture brings this community together. It creates the sense of community. It’s almost like city on a hill. It’s like this idealized version of what the world could be.

When I visited Indiana University, they had all of these beautiful brick buildings everywhere you went. It was a very cohesive thing. There were some that were newer buildings that obviously stood out and you could tell. But, when you went to the older part of the campus, they were just all red brick buildings that had a uniform, traditional look. Because they were built 200 years ago, they were built in that style. I think that there’s something that you can appreciate about that architecture in the history that comes with it, absolutely.

200. Restoring Old Homes with Beauty and Purpose Conversation of Our Generation

I've talked to a couple of architects and discussed the charm of local neighborhoods. In my conversation with Bill Martin, we discussed restoring old homes. And, we talked about his philosophy on how to do that in a way that serves his client and is in keeping with the neighborhood. Furthermore, he does this with sustainability as a primary focus as well. If you're interested in learning more, listen below to understand his philosophy. You can also find more about Bill's work here. https://conversationofourgeneration.com/2021/03/01/restoring-old-homes-with-beauty-and-purpose/(opens in a new tab) "Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness." -Frank Gehry Restoring Old Homes After a while, homes need to be touched up. Even if they're in good shape, people may want to change them to fit a new style of living. So, restoring old homes is important if we don't want to tear down and rebuild. It is also a more efficient and sustainable way of updating a home than tearing down and rebuilding. The practicality of restoration, I think, is clear. But, there is something to maintaining the character and history of a home and not getting rid of it. Doing it With Beauty And Purpose Bill does this with beauty. He focuses on creating an aesthetically impressive home that is in keeping with the neighborhood. Instead of trying to fuel his ego, he seeks to build something for the client and the community. Building with purpose is another part of this, ensuring that his building serves the client and the community. His approach that recognizes the need to balance these different uses and economic factors is unique. More architects should learn about his philosophy, which he calls E-FABism. "Great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case they are unique, poetic, products of the heart." -Arthur Erickson — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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