Traditional Architecture Lesson| History of the Pantheon and St. Peter’s

I’ve wanted to do a deep dive into the history of architectural landmarks, and recently got the chance. Frank Cunha, who I’ve been talking to via Twitter, offered to talk about some of the buildings that changed how we look at architecture. So, I took him up on his offer. This lesson on traditional architecture will take a look at the Pantheon and St. Peter’s to see how Christendom adopted Roman architecture. You can also find out more about Frank at his website or follow him on Twitter.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Frank Gehry

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Beauty of Traditional Architecture

Truth, beauty, and goodness go together, and they cannot be separated. In order to have a good society, we must value truth and create beauty. Recently, I have talked a lot about restoring beauty in the arts and our architecture, but I don’t have the expertise to give you the background.

So, I’ve tried to find people who know more than me on these things. I’ve spoken about beauty and architecture with Zach the Architect, Stained Glass Zealot, Amy Mastrine, and The Aureus Press. But, this lesson on traditional architecture will be different because it will not only focus on the beauty of architecture, but we’ll dive into the history of some great buildings as well.

History of the Pantheon

The Pantheon is a Roman temple that has had several iterations. Over time, it has been converted to a Catholic church, rebuilt, and renovated. Throughout its storied history, there are instances of tremendous innovation. While the elegance of its design is truly sublime, the history of the Pantheon is incredible as well.

History of St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Basilica, likewise, has an incredible history. The history of St. Peter’s Basilica as it stands today goes back centuries, and is filled with tough architectural decisions, politics, and strife between artists and the pope. But, what I want to focus on in this conversation is why it was built the way it was and what the architects had to do to give us this tremendous piece of traditional architecture.

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This is a sneak peak of my course on the Golden Mean. In this installment, I go through the first book of Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics. Together, we'll walk through each chapter of Aristotle's Ethics, Lewis's Abolition of Man, Confucius' Analects and Doctrine of the Mean, Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, and then discuss what they have in common. So, if you're ready to take your education into your own hands, let me know through the form below. Sign up here >> Further Resources Here's the outline I used so you can review it. And you can find a pdf version of the Nicomachean Ethics here. Or, you can buy a copy of your own here. If you want to get access to m Why take this course? What can we do now, in our own lives, to improve our education? Despite the bleak diagnosis, I see two easy changes each of us can make in our mindset and our actions to improve our education. Use school for training Seek your own liberal education School has become necessary only inasmuch as it is a credential for a career. But, that is changing rapidly with new ways to get job training like coding bootcamps or other digital tool certification. If you need to go to college, do that. However, if it can be avoided, you should avoid it. Furthermore, you should still get the liberal education that puts you in touch with our history. We shouldn’t shrug our responsibility to pass down the wisdom, art, and beauty of our culture. It just can’t be found on the college campus. Each of us has to go and read the classics, learn about our history, and find alternatives to the college campus. So, if you're interested sign up here>> — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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