The Reason I Believe In SteemIt

I believe in our Bill of Rights that we have in the United States. I think it is the greatest source of freedom and protection from tyranny man ever created. The rights and protections it gives the people of our country were groundbreaking, and writing them expressly into law solidified them and restrained our government. Recently, we’ve seen major companies with too much power, which they receive through the government, begin to assault these rights. Now, because they have the freedom of speech and association as well, I don’t want the government going in there to do something about it. However, it does pose a problem. Google has begun silencing voices on YouTube, changing their search algorithms to target those with whom they disagree, and promoting their opinions as Truth. Facebook has attacked people like Vin Armani’s live streams of his show and begun filtering information the same way. These companies know everything about us almost, and they have all the power. Well, there’s the problem. How do I say that we fix it? Start with SteemIt. This is a place where our content cannot be demonetized, censored, or hidden by algorithms. We can speak freely on anything, and that’s what we need: an open exchange of ideas, and a forum for that. IPFS has joined the fight as well. Their attempt to decentralize the internet has given the power back to the people by not allowing one entity to control all the servers. Rather everyone can lend their hard drive space for others to store content in the new cloud-based system. (Disclaimer: I am not a tech guy, so this is how I understand it in laymen’s terms. Feel free to correct me.) By doing this, they have taken a stab at Google’s power to censor search results. The internet is still young, and just as Google was able to capitalize on the opportunity that the infancy of the web offered, we can capitalize on its expanded capabilities today. We can have digital currency, blockchains, and freedom. This is not out of our reach, and we are close to being able to take back the power we’ve ceded to the tech giants. We can reclaim our freedom without the government breaking up a monopoly. All we need to do is choose to not let Google and Facebook tell us what we can and can’t think or say. Some have stepped in and usurped the freedoms the Bill of Rights offers, and we have a chance to reclaim them. Let’s not miss this chance. Subscribe to our email list for our Recommended Reading, reviews on books and other content that can grow your store of knowledge. New products will be coming soon, exclusively for subscribers. If would like to join me in the Conversation of Our Generation, you can find me on YouTube Conversation of Our Generation YouTube Channel. Also, follow me on Twitter @nickjam317 , Facebook Conversation of Our Generation Facebook Page and SteemIt @jamell I am just trying to join the Conversation of Our Generation. Let’s get the dialogue going with comments, shares, questions, just say something!

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