Book Review: The Screwtape Letters By C.S. Lewis

We all can fall to temptation, normally without even realizing it. The Screwtape Letters are a riveting series of story-like letters that show how people can be tempted to turn away from God. Whether or not you believe in God, this story can teach you how to beware the parts of human nature that steer you away from your purpose and towards self-destruction. So watch this video and go read the book. Then, tell me what you think!

QUOTE: Calvin Coolidge

Today everyone wants to be recognized for simply existing. I think participation trophies might be partly to blame, but with social media and modern entertainment allowing people who have little skill to become bulwarks of our culture, there is a whole class of people who have become wealthy and influential for simply existing. The reality... Continue Reading →

QUOTE: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Beauty is often mistaken to simply be good. But that is not always the case. This quote reminded me of a song by the Main Squeeze called "The Devil Was An Angel Too." In it, the lead singer describes falling in love and having his heart broken, but says he should have known better than... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Walden And Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau, a Transcendentalist and writer, retreated to the woods to live by a pond in the Northeast United States. Walden Pond, now famous thanks to Thoreau, inspired him to write this work that is a beautiful, cynical commentary on his time. His insights and observations on his time, however, are timeless. As you read his book you'll see why this is the case. Watch the video below to see what I mean!

QUOTE: Aesop

This doesn't take much explaining, but I want to give my thoughts on this. It is imperative for people to destroy the seed of evil in themselves before they try to do so in the world or in others. How different would the 20th Century have been if individuals destroyed the seed of evil that... Continue Reading →

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