9 Leading Voices Of Liberty And Free Speech On The Internet

The attacks on free speech plague the West as Canada tells its citizens which pronouns to use, critiquing Islam in Europe can turn one into a felon and disagreeing with the American PC false narrative can cost jobs and livelihoods. This is a dire situation. There is an attack on liberty, and it cannot be ignored. Luckily, there are voices fighting this beast from all sides. From Conservatives to Liberals, Religious to Atheist, critical observant to creator of solutions: there are eight voices that fight everyday for liberty by preserving the most essential part, which is Free Speech. If you think your liberty is at risk or have trouble defending the principles of Free Speech, find these voices and use their knowledge and input to reinforce your beliefs and defend them against those who wish to limit your liberty. This list is not comprehensive, but it was chosen for the range of their perspectives and what they bring to the table. Of course there are many more like Steven Crowder, Patrick Moore,  Tom Woods, Owen Benjamin, Charles Murray, and many more. *If you have others that you feel should be on the list, comment and mention them or go to the contact page and tell me about them! I’d love to find more.*
  1. Dave Rubin- @RubinReport

    dave rubin

    Dave is a Classical Liberal talk show host of his Podcast the Rubin Report. He discusses the ideas of Free Speech with all different points of view. Dave offers incredible guests and shares their stories and knowledge. The show does more than just reinforce the need for Free Speech by discussing it, but shows the possibilities of Free Speech firsthand by including incredible guests who share knowledge on a plethora of topics and expertise.
  2. Ben Shapiro- @benshapiro

    ben shapiroBen is a conservative political commentator, writer and editor of the Daily Wire. He also has a daily podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show that discusses current events and politics. His understanding of politics and the law are a tremendous resource for people who want to understand the inner-workings of Washington D.C. He admits his conservative bias and explains when he is speaking from his perspective or purely based on evidence. This clear boundary between opinion and objective reporting helps his listeners understand the whole story, causing Ben to stand out in the media space that fuses these two together.
  3. Vin Armani- @vinarmani

    vinVin is an Anarchist/Libertarian entrepreneur. He publishes Counter Markets and hosts The Vin Armani Show. He emphasizes the importance of Self-Ownership (the title of his book) and explains the principles of liberty well. His understanding of culture and economics blend well to reach a younger audience, and his background helps him reach many left-leaning collectivists. His coding abilities have prompted him recently to find ways to create new internet technologies that promote freedom and identify projects that promise success in creating liberty. For understanding cryptocurrencies and other technologies that will expand liberty, he is the go-to guy for understanding these solutions.
  4. Jason Stapleton- @Jason_Stapleton

    jason stapletonJason is a former marine who began currency trading and now hosts a podcast the Jason Stapleton Program which teaches liberty from a mostly economic perspective. He does speak on culture and politics, but his ability to explain complicated economic concepts to the economically illiterate is a tremendous asset to liberty. He teaches people how to start businesses or build wealth in a practical way and without gimmicks, which will create more liberty as people begin to rely on themselves. He is now pushing to find libertarian candidates running under any ticket to have people who will promote and defend liberty on the ballots across the country.
  5. Austin Petersen-@AP4Liberty

    Austin PetersenAustin is a Libertarian running for the Senate under the Republican ticket in Missouri. He not only preaches liberty, he believes in it and promises to defend it. For a normal person, he is an honest and decent man, and for a politician, he’s basically a saint. His interviews with Dave Rubin and Jason Stapleton on their podcasts are inspiring and his Twitter is full of his passion for liberty. Living in Indiana, I still will be donating to his campaign (with Bitcoin) as his success will defend my liberty too.
  6. Jack Spirko- @TheSurvivalPodc

    SONY DSCJack is a voluntaryist who educates people on self-sufficient and self-reliant lifestyles in his daily show, The Survival Podcast. By creating resilient lifestyles and communities of support, Jack’s show has created tremendous avenues for expanding liberty. His show discusses gardening, preparedness (but not the kind you see on T.V.), personal finance, permaculture, guns, cryptocurrencies, withstanding a blackout and much more. His show is largely audience driven, so anyone who wants to learn how to fend for themselves should check it out and start learning there. His ability to teach people how to take care of themselves and do that for others spreads liberty through self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and creates solutions for all.
  7. Andrew Klavan- @andrewklavan

    andrew klavanAndrew is an author, essayist, screenwriter and now podcaster for the Daily Wire with his show, The Andrew Klavan Show. He was an atheist for most of his life, converting to Christianity late in his life, and this gives a unique perspective to his opinions on liberty. He believes that Christianity is what was behind his notions of liberty and his other views of the world, and he discovered Christ through his understanding of the world. Having worked backwards, Klavan is able to explain the roots of his principles incredibly well to people of all perspectives. His show is full of laughs and liberty, as well as a source for people trying to understand the culture of the left, since Klavan has been immersed in their culture his whole life.
  8. Michael J. Knowles- @michaeljknowles

    michael_knowles-722_rt_onlineMichael J. Knowles is the author of the critically acclaimed, blank book Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, mildly successful actor and now host of the Michael Knowles Show. He keeps the leftist tears tumblers full, and the Covfefe coming each day on his show as he discusses with panels the culturally relevant topics of the day. He is a young voice for liberty and is relatable to millennials as well as Gen Z. Knowles’ understanding of the use of PC euphemisms and seemingly harmless attacks on culture is important to relating to and teaching the younger generation about liberty.
  9. Jordan Peterson- @jordanbpeterson

    jordan petersonJordan is psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto. He explains the psychological importance of freedom of speech and has been a proponent for liberty in his criticism of the Canadian bill which prohibits “misgendering” people with the penalty being a fine up to $150,000. Since being thrusted into the spotlight, Jordan has done countless interviews and has begun a new lecture of the importance of the Bible stories. He is a tremendous thinker, and defender of liberty and free speech in the intellectual world, but his ability to reach those who aren’t in the intelligentsia is what truly makes an warrior for free speech.
Hopefully, you will take the time to check out these people’s work. They are fighting daily for the rights of all of us, and each one plays their role. If there is any chance to recover the liberty that has been taken away from the American people, it is quickly fading. These voices, with the help of all of us, can make the change we need to see liberty thrive again in the hearts and minds of Americans. Subscribe to our email list for our Recommended Reading, reviews on books and other content that can grow your store of knowledge. New products will be coming soon, exclusively for subscribers. If would like to join me in the Conversation of Our Generation, you can find me on YouTube Conversation of Our Generation YouTube Channel. Also, follow me on Twitter @ConOfOurGen, Facebook Conversation of Our Generation Facebook Page and SteemIt @jamell I am just trying to join the Conversation of Our Generation. Let’s get the dialogue going with comments, shares, questions, just say something!

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