My Experience At The Free State Project’s Liberty Forum

Sitting on the plane ride home from Manchester, New Hampshire, I had time to reflect on my last couple days in the Free State. I went to Liberty Forum to see what it was all about, and it was an incredible experience. I’m going to tell you here and now that if you enjoy liberty and great people then this is the place for you. I wanted to share my thoughts on the Free State Project (FSP), Liberty Forum and the experience I had this weekend. If this blog sounds like an endorsement of these ideas and this movement, that’s because it is, but it is completely unsolicited. They aren’t paying me or pushing me to do this- I just feel obligated to spread the news of this community and movement.

The People

The people in New Hampshire were awesome. I had no trouble talking to anyone and sparking conversations that would quickly turn into a deep dive into an incredible topic. It was easy to approach people like Vin Armani and Jack Spirko, who have built a celebrity in the Liberty Movement, and talk about good stories or intriguing ideas. The event organizers and exhibitors were awesome as well. I enjoyed learning what it was that brought them to New Hampshire and the steps they have taken to promoting liberty in their communities. The Free Staters, as they call themselves, were welcoming and friendly. What surprised me about the people was the diversity of thought. Despite all of us being on the Liberty Train, we came to our conclusions in different ways and still had disagreements. I sat at dinner as a Catholic raised in Indiana talking to a formerly Progressive man who is gay married about all the political principles we held in common. Neither of us would have chosen the other’s life, but we both want the other to live as they see fit- and that’s what liberty is.

The Conference

The format for the conference was great. It was a great balance of sitting through talks and learning about what is going on with FSP and liberty in general as well as time to network and discuss our ideas. Because of this, I ended up finding a couple people who have offered to help me with content for the blog, so it was well worth it for me. Talks were given on a plethora of topics such as Crypto, Activism, Legislation, Culture, Philosophy and Self-Sufficiency. But they had one thing in common: a focus on liberty. I learned an incredible amount on Crypto and how to affect change in my state and community. I had free range at the dinners (and the hotel bar after) to talk to Vin and Jack- 2 of the people who have inspired me in starting this blog. The conference was informational and Exhibitors had all sorts of cool stuff including homemade soaps, new social media ideas, syrup, knickknacks available exclusively for Crypto, help moving to New Hampshire and many more. It was tough to hang on to my money as I walked through the exhibition hall as everything seemed like a great product.

The Lessons Learned

What I realized in New Hampshire is how powerful this Liberty Movement really is. There are thousands of people across the country voting with their feet and moving to a state for more freedom. That is incredible. Dedication to a cause inspires others to at least take a second look to understand why one would be so dedicated. New Hampshire is quickly becoming freer as a state in general, but that is not because Washington D.C. is allowing them to do so. Their freedom is due to people taking actions in their own lives, communities, cities, counties and state to change the way their government operates. With a high proportion of citizens to representatives, changing the momentum of the government is easier there than other states. However, their model can be replicated.

Last Words

Now, I’m not packing my bags to move to New Hampshire. I have family at home and don’t want to uproot my life. But for those of you who want to make a change in your life and wish to be freer: check out New Hampshire. You don’t have to move there immediately, but look at going to Liberty Forum or Porcfest (the Free State Project’s summer festival) or reach out to FSP organizers to learn more. If you’re like me and can’t move, then get active. If you need ideas on how to do so, look into the FSP as their activism is working. Their model can be replicated and their success can be referenced when addressing problems in your community. Use them as a beacon of light to illuminate the principles and outcomes of Liberty. Leverage their success as evidence that these ideas work, not only in theory, but in practice, and achieve Liberty in Your Lifetime.

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