37. Restoring Civility In America

With a week filled with obvious signs of escalation from rhetoric to real threats of violence and even ideologically driven violence, it seemed necessary to address this boiling over of the public discourse. This is why I’ve begun the Conversation of Our Generation.

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.

-Thomas Jefferson

Politics: The violent rhetoric must stop from the political leaders. While they may not have pure power over our actions, they can influence actions of people around the country- or simply be used as justification, even if no call to violence was made.

Relationships: Let’s be kind to one another. Let’s not be afraid to respectfully disagree, and possibly look for common ground. Why not try to let each other be and to believe what they want to so long as their will isn’t enforced on anyone else?

Philosophy: We must search for truth, and learn to accept it when we find it. In our discourse, we must look to explain our thoughts logically and be able to interrogate others and answer for our principles with vigor, yet understand that violence is not the answer to losing an argument. I hope to see a country that debates above the level of ad hominem, seeking instead to rise to the discussions of one’s base assumptions and follow the line of logic from there.

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