44. Leap of Faith or Just a Step?

I want to talk about faith and how it is not some giant leap that starts you on a journey, but a small step at the end of a journey of learning.

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”



At the individual level, faith is an essential part of sanity. If we try to rationalize everything down to the beginning, we’ll simply spend all our time doing that, looking for the end. So, no matter what we have to take things on faith. However, it should be the last step to a journey of understanding to complete the worldview.


People often talk about faith in God as a starting point, but it’s really the end point for the cosmogony in the Christian world. God is the leap of faith that is made to make sense of a logical universe.


A cosmogony is an understanding of the world and how it is structured. Currently, there are way too many understandings of the world in our society which makes it hard to have commonalities in beliefs. Having a system that holds certain main tenants in common is necessary. Ideas of truth, ethics, science, and many other fields of study must have certain underlying principles in common to allow a society to function-especially a free one.

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