46. Make the Government Shutdown Permanent, Mr. President

I know I’ve tried to be less political, but I think this is a good lesson for us. It’s been weeks since the government shut down, and you would never know if it weren’t being hyped up in the news. So, we’ll discuss all the fuss and why I think this should remain permanent.

“Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”

-P. J. O’Rourke

The spending problem:

Why are we regularly funding “non-essential services?” What are they? I say that anyone that is non-essential should be fired right now. Any agency that is closed should stay closed. I have not seen one single difference in my life, nor have welfare recipients, social security recipients, or people getting groped by the TSA. We need to curb spending to have a country in 50 years, so why not start with the things that have no effect on your life.

The tax problem:

Taxation is theft. Government workers are given stolen money, and do not pay taxes. They would have to work to create value rather than suck value from the economy to pay taxes. What government workers “taxes” are really is simply the government keeping some of their paychecks.

Political optics: 

I don’t know if this shutdown hurts either side. Trump is being blamed for the shutdown, but it seems that Republicans aren’t against it, especially as a negotiating tactic. Democrats look like they’re playing hard ball against something that their radical base is against, and most moderate democrats as well: the wall. The problem for democrats is, eventually they have to pay their base, which is most (if not all) federal employees.

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