51. Finding Truth in an Unsure World

Today there are two quotes of the week to show you two prevailing views of the Truth. One is that it is something that exists outside of ourselves and is able to be conveyed through honesty. The latter is that it is something to be created and moulded by our words. Today we will walk through why I take the view on truth that I do and the benefit you come to when you do so.

I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.

-Harry S Truman

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

-Vladimir Lenin

Philosophy: The first view of Truth is that it is a description of reality. This says that it is an asymptote towards which we can move by using our senses guided by logic and reason. We can move toward it through many avenues like philosophy, science, and art.

The second is that truth is subjective. This means that it is malleable. We can change the truth by imposing ourselves on it or by lying in order to make that truth. I think this is no more than a fun mental exercise, but I’ll attempt to explain the issues.

Individual: Objective Truth acts as a judge and allows you to continually grow towards perfection. Taking on that task allows you to grow and to go as far as your circumstances allow.

Subjective truth allows you to think of the world however you want. This only becomes an issue when your view of reality has to face reality. The only thing one can do is crawl further into oneself or break away and accept reality.

Religion: Often, religion requires Objective Truth. I cannot think of one that is subjective though some are more pluralistic. Many of the long-standing religions have made advances in science in the pursuit of Objective Truth.

Society: A person who rejects reality will have a tragic life. A society that does the same will create such tragedy that we could hardly imagine. Sadly, this has happened multiple times, so we need not imagine. All we have to do is look at the 20th century to see the results. I think our society needs people to defend the fact of Objective Truth and seek it in good faith. That’s the only way we restore sanity.

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