56. Don’t Put Your Faith In Princes-Observing Politics And Celebrity

My first episode of the podcast talked about the collusion being floated around and why it’s absurd. Now, the report has come out and only the people who kept their heads throughout this process woke up the day after the results came out no different than any other.

The reason? They did not put their faith in princes, neither Trump nor the media.

To understand the nature of the people one must be a prince, and to understand the nature of the prince, one must be of the people.

-Niccolo Machiavelli

Individual: We must not fall in with the people, but assess our world for ourselves. It is important to observe people’s actions, get the facts, consult your beliefs, then make a determination on what those in power have done.

Like Machiavelli, we must detach from the personality of the prince and assess their behaviors as well as the results. To learn more of my thought on how to assess politics check out this article.

Culture: The culture makes idols out of our celebrities. We do not merely admire their talents on stage or on screen. We turn them into golden calfs.

This is dangerous for not only ourselves, but our culture at large. After Barbra Streisand’s tweet, I fear that this will cost us our society if we do not fix it.

Politics: Faith in princes is the same as giving a hall pass without a time limit to the class clown. When afforded leeway, those in power will use it, which is why we should be vigilant. Instead of being swept away by celebrity or personality, focus on what people’s reactions are to understand what’s being done.

Machiavelli notes how to control the people and influence them, so this is nothing new. By understanding where we are, we can carefully watch those in power and restrain them to their office.

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