64. The Abortion Debate- How To Have The Conversation

Today we’ll be diving into the topic of abortion. Due to the new bills being put forward, it seems necessary to touch on this issue. We will walk through the main arguments on both sides and why I fall where I do. Then, I’ll talk a little about the prudence of the bills being put forward.

“Abortion isn’t a lesser evil, it’s a crime. Taking one life to save another, that’s what the Mafia does. It’s a crime. It’s an absolute evil.”

-Pope Francis

Pro-Life: The position held here hangs on 2 assertions. One is that life begins for a new human being at the point of conception. The other is that all human beings are persons whose lives are infinitely valuable. The first assertion is one that can be discussed with science and a little philosophy, but the latter requires some religious or convoluted atheistic idea proving value of human life beyond utilitarian arguments.

Pro-Choice: There are two camps on this side of the debate. One states that what is inside the mother is not a human being or alive until a certain point, which allows the mother to kill what’s inside her whenever until that point it becomes a life. The other states that it is a life, but the well-being of the mother should be held over the child’s life.

Roe V Wade: This decision made abortion a national, rather than local, issue. It took the ability of states and localities to decide on law that should fall under the Tenth Amendment. By denying people’s right to decide issues for themselves and have discussions about what’s right and wrong, a few oligarchs on the Supreme Court handed down legislation despite that not being their job.

Political Climate: Today’s climate is heating up on this issue and I’d like us to remain calm. Understand the other side’s point of view so you can have rational discussion about it. Ask questions and make anyone you’re debating define what they mean. Listen to them so you understand them, and state your case as best you can. But, these bills do have the potential to overturn Roe V Wade. I am not a scholar on the Constitution or constitutional law, but I do know that the reason the left is up in arms over these bills is they fear the decision will be overturned.

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