68. Don’t Jump The Gun

It’s all too common for us to jump to conclusions in the digital media world. But, a little patience and context can help us save ourselves from rash judgements, and therefore, save the person we’re judging.

“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.”

-George S. Patton

Pope Francis: Conservative Catholics think he’s too soft on moral issues. Liberal Catholics think he’s to hard on moral issues. Where is the truth? I think it’s hard to tell with a media that misrepresents everything he says and does.

President Trump: He’s obviously a firecracker, and deserves plenty of criticism. The problem is the criticism he receives is rash and often overblown. I think people would be more receptive if the Never-Trump right and left didn’t hate him for exact opposite reasons on issues every time he’s in the news.

War Cries: We are often either all for war or totally against it from the start. This rash decision shows our hand and doesn’t allow us to make the right judgements based on a given situation. Nor, does it allow us to negotiate.

Our Neighbors: By being charitable to those we deal with daily and face-to-face, we can practice not rushing to judgements. It’s far too easy to do so when it’s a picture in your news feed or a video on the TV. But, when someone stands in front of you, it’s much more difficult.

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