102. How To Start Off On The Road To Financial Freedom Pt. 4

Last thing we have to look at in this series is how you get your adult life started building wealth. We’ll look at things people put off for so long that they shouldn’t. And, if they didn’t, they would build wealth faster.

“Unite liberality with a just frugality; always reserve something for the hand of charity; and never let your door be closed to the voice of suffering humanity.”

Patrick Henry

So, what can you do to build wealth? Here are some things that help:

  • Buy a house ASAP- Earns equity, bring roommates, have options when you move
  • Get married early (but that doesn’t mean rush)
  • Run numbers on purchases
  • Learn to do things for yourself
  • Take hand-me-downs

The aim of these tactics is to have them as tools, knowing that the goal is to reduce the number of sunk costs in your life. By being responsible and frugal, you can start on the road to financial freedom.

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